Driving Below the Speed Limit

Below Speed Limit

We’ve all been there at one time or another: puttering along behind a slowpoke in the fast lane with no conceivable way to get past. It’s bad enough when you’re the victim of such a driver, but have you ever considered that this driver might be you? If so and you’re committing this atrocity in the left lane in Nevada, you’d best get over to the right or step on the gas unless you want a ticket.

You may think that speeding is a far worse violation, and in many ways, you’d be right. However, it’s not the driving misstep most likely to cause road rage. That honor goes to those who insist on crawling along in the passing lane, and it’s the reason for Nevada’s new traffic law barring the practice. As of July 1, 2017, if you must drive under the speed limit, you’d better get your vehicle out of the left lane.

How Driving Under the Limit Causes Trouble

According to Nevada traffic officials, putting the brakes on lethargic drivers will smooth the flow of traffic, and drivers who are able to move at a steady pace are more likely to maintain their emotional equilibrium. Furthermore, cracking down on these turtles-on-wheels is likely to have other benefits. For one thing, it lowers the chance that impatient drivers will foolishly attempt to pass these dawdlers on the right. In addition, if someone should run up too quickly on the plodder, a possible need to hit the brakes could lead to a chain of rear-end collisions.

Under the current guidelines, a first offense for driving under the limit in the left lane in Nevada could net you a fine of $50. A second offense will cost you $100, and a third will amount to $250. You could also receive two points on your driver’s license. That’s because the law considers these to be moving violations, and as a result, your car insurance rates could go up in much the same way as they might for driving too fast.

Who in Nevada Would Drive Too Slowly?

Despite its dangers, driving under the limit is something anyone might do at one time or another. However, it is more likely to happen if the driver is:

  • Distracted. No motor vehicle operator should ever text, surf, read, eat, put on makeup or engage in any other activity that involves taking the eyes off the road. However, people continue to do these things in greater numbers than ever before, and on these occasions, their driving speed often falls in lockstep with the commensurate inability to process what other vehicles are doing all around them.
  • Unfamiliar with the neighborhood. Someone who is looking for a certain street or address will almost invariably slow down until he finds it.
  • Young and uncertain. While experienced teenage drivers tend to speed, those who have only recently received their licenses are more likely to ease off on the gas due to nervousness or intimidation.
  • Old and ailing. Such physical problems as poor vision, stiff joints and impaired reaction times will nearly always cause the driver who suffers from these conditions to travel at speeds of excessive slowness.

If you’ve received a ticket for driving too slowly in the left lane in Nevada, you might be tempted to simply pay the fine and be done with it. However, that’s the same as pleading guilty, and it’s not the smartest thing you could do. Why not let the Vegas Ticket Wizard handle it for you instead? We will work to either negotiate a reduction in the charge or get it dismissed entirely. Don’t let a ticket for driving under the limit ruin your driving record. Give Vegas Ticket Wizard a call today.