Traffic Tickets Las Vegas

You may not know it, but if you’ve received a traffic ticket for a moving violation in Las Vegas, you’ve been accused of a misdemeanor crime. You broke the law.

Too often we just accept the fact that when we get a traffic ticket, we’re supposed to just pay it and move on. Though most people will fail to think about the financial after effect this may have beyond the ticket fine.

We Save You Money

Traffic Ticket Las VegasMost people usually just pay the traffic fine to avoid the hassle. However, people don’t understand that paying the ticket fine means you’re admitting guilt. This will have bigger financial consequences than the fine alone. Having a speeding ticket, or other moving violation on your driver’s license, will raise your auto insurance premiums. Calculated yearly, it could cost you thousands.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have points added to your drivers license from your moving violation, then your insurance premiums will jump even higher. Insurance companies will now see your driving behavior as risky, and will charge accordingly to have you on with them.

Fighting Your Traffic Ticket

Was there an error in the procedure when determining your vehicle’s speed?
Was there a reason for your moving violation?
Was something wrong with the radar gun or how or the way the cop determined the speed of your car?
The truth is that most people don’t know about any of these things.

There may have been errors in procedures by the ticketing officer, or mitigating circumstances that when reviewed further, make your actions understandable.

This is why you want to have experienced traffic lawyers who have handled thousands of tickets just like yours, working on your ticket

We Save You Time

Fighting your speeding ticket yourself is a hassle. Even if you win your case, going to traffic court to plead your side costs time and money. You’ll need to take time off from your job, possibly get a babysitter, and pay for parking in downtown Las Vegas. You’ll also need to prepare your case to tell your side of the story and why you didn’t deserve the ticket. All this with no guarantee that you’ll win.

Wouldn’t you rather have an experienced traffic court attorney handle your case?

We Fight Your Traffic Ticket For You

We plead your case to the judge directly. We explain the possible procedural errors involved. In most cases, we get your traffic ticket reduced to a nonmoving violation (ex. a parking ticket), which means no insurance increase and no points on your license.

Everyone knows that traffic ticket revenue leads to more money for the City of Las Vegas and Clark County.

If you contest your speeding ticket yourself, it means the traffic court will have to allocate time and payroll to staff when you go to contest it. The officer will most likely have to show up in court to tell their side of the story.
This is time better spent elsewhere for everyone.

Las Vegas isn’t above bargaining with experienced attorneys to get your traffic or other speeding ticket reduced to a nonmoving violation, like a parking ticket.
Why? Your chances of getting your speeding ticket reduced to a nonmoving violation grow exponentially when you have a lawyer who has experience with the local traffic laws and the possible technicalities that occur when people like yourself receive speeding tickets. They’ll know you’re serious when we’re involved.

Submit your ticket today to get your traffic ticket reduced to a nonmoving violation.