DUI Tickets in Las Vegas – What To Do

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It Is Worth Fighting Your DUI Charge

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Many people facing drunk driving charges assume that there’s nothing they can do to fight DUI charges. They got pulled over. They failed the field sobriety test. Their breath test results showed more than .08 required for a DUI. No matter what the evidence against you may be, it is always worth fighting a DUI charge.

We have been successful getting the most damning DWI evidence thrown out because of mistakes by police and prosecutors. We have also successfully petitioned for dismissal when the police officer failed to appear for the DMV license hearing. We have helped drivers find alternative programs to avoid jail time. The point is this:

The Good News is…

You are innocent until proven guilty and
The state has the burden of proof.

Contact us to discuss your case right away. From our offices in Las Vegas, we represent people charged with DWI in communities throughout Nevada and northern Arizona.

Before you consider agreeing to plead guilty to a DUI, consider all of the areas the police and prosecutors must meet their burden of proof:

  • Was there sufficient probable cause to pull you over?
  • The field sobriety test — was it conducted strictly by the book?
  • Did police administer a blood or breath test?
  • Was the breath, blood or urine analysis conducted properly?
  • Were the BAC test machines calibrated and maintained properly?
  • Were your BAC test results reported correctly?
  • Were your constitutional rights protected at every turn?

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As your legal defense attorneys, we are only required to show reasonable doubt. As you can see, there are a multiple opportunities for the police and prosecutors to drop or reduce the charges. Talking to the police or submitting to tests often gives them every reason to pursue their case.

A DUI Has a Significant Impact on Your Future.

A DUI arrest and conviction remains on your criminal record for the rest of your life. A second misdemeanor offense within seven years means mandatory time in jail and a third offense is charged as a felony. DMV reports DUI convictions to insurance companies and employers for three years. A license revocation is reported until the driving privilege is reinstated.

“Don’t give the police and prosecutor any more opportunities to get a conviction or plea agreement out of you. Start fighting the charges as if your future depends on it — because it does.” — Attorney Jason Weiner.

DMV Driver’s License Administrative Hearing —
Rely On Us to Get It Right.

The DMV hearing isn’t just about keeping your driver’s license. The hearing is conducted under oath, like a criminal proceeding. It is our first opportunity to fight to have your charges dismissed or reduced. The police have a responsibility to start proving their case. If they can’t, it gives us an opportunity to approach the DA about dropping the charges. Don’t blow off the DMV hearing. It is a critical part of the process.

Contact our offices as soon as possible after you have been charged, or think you might be charged with DWI. Our lawyers are your ultimate fighters for the fight of your life.