How Do Points on a Drivers License Work?

Drivers License Points

You want to score points when you’re playing sports, but racking them up on your license is another matter entirely. Nevada calls them demerit points, and their stated purpose is to keep you on your best driving behavior. Accumulate enough of them in some way, and they might also keep you off the road.

Accruing Demerit Points on Your License in Nevada

Not all states play by the point system, and those that do have their own methods for assigning them. In the state of Nevada, you will receive:

  • Eight points on your license for driving recklessly.
  • Six points on your license for driving carelessly or failing to render aid and impart information at an accident scene.
  • Four points on your license for tailgating, failing to yield, neglecting to stop, disobeying a traffic signal or passing a school bus whose lights are flashing.
  • Two points on your license for inappropriate speed, driving too slowly or failing to dim the high beams.

Although Nevada law does not treat a first offense for texting or using a hand-held cellphone as a moving violation, anyone convicted of doing either on a subsequent occasion can say hello to four additional demerit points. Furthermore, offenders will be subject to fines that range from $50 to $250 depending on the number of prior convictions for the same offense within seven years. These fines will double for violations occurring in work zones.

Demerit Points for Speeding in Nevada

The demerit points assigned for speeding in Nevada will differ in accordance with the number of miles per hour driving over the speed limit. You can expect to receive additional points for every 10 miles per hour driving over the limit, as follows:

  • One point on your license for exceeding the limit by 1 to 10 miles per hour.
  • Two points on your license for every 11 to 20 mph over.
  • Three points on your license for every 21 to 30 mph over.
  • Four points on your license for every 31 to 40 mph over.
  • Five points on your license for exceeding the limit by 41 mph or more.

If you live in the state of Nevada and need to drive, here are some additional things you should know.

1. Once your demerit points add up to three or more, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles will notify you by mail. Pay attention to this notification. If you should score 12 or more points in the space of a year, the department will issue a six-month license suspension.

2. You will get one chance at redemption. Before suspending your license, the DMV will warn you by certified mail. You will then have the chance to defend yourself before the DMV’s Office of Administrative Hearings.

3. Although traffic convictions will remain on your permanent driving record, the DMV will delete demerit points for each conviction when a total of 12 months have elapsed from the date on which you received it.

4. Moving violations will almost always add points to your license. Convictions for drunk driving, failure to come to a complete stop, turning illegally, speeding and causing an accident will certainly do the trick. The number of points involved will rise or fall in accordance with the severity of the violation.

5. If you drive under the influence or commit traffic violations that result in death or serious injury, you will not receive demerit points. You will instead be subject to an immediate license suspension or revocation.

Nevada’s Traffic Safety School

Once your demerit point total has exceeded three but remains less than 12, you may be able to subtract some by attending and completing a course in traffic safety sanctioned by the Nevada DMV. Unfortunately, if a court of law has required you to take this course as part of a plea bargain, the removal of points will not happen. In either case, while the points may disappear, your convictions will not. They will remain as part of your driving record.

Keeping the Lid on Demerit Points

If you want to avoid demerits for traffic infractions in Nevada, you’ll have to mount a successful defense against every point-worthy ticket you get. That’s when it pays to have a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney from Vegas Ticket Wizard in your corner. Don’t let an inadequate defense push you that much closer to the loss of your license. Call Vegas Ticket Wizard today at 702-202-0500 to increase your chance of success.