Red Light Tickets

Red Light TicketsWhen crossing intersections in the gaslight days, every horse and buggy had to fend for itself. No fancy contraptions forced drivers to stop. They might wind up in a serious crash, but no one would present them with a red light ticket.

All of that has changed today. Traffic-control devices are everywhere, and the running of red lights has become one of Nevada’s most common excuses for issuing citations. Unless otherwise instructed by law enforcement, anyone who fails to stop on red, go on green or use his best judgment on yellow could run afoul of the law. Make this mistake in a work zone, and your problems will only multiply.

Exceptions to the Red Light Rule

Red lights in Nevada don’t always mean stop. Under the proper circumstances, all motorists have permission to turn:

  • Right on red. If traffic conditions permit and no sign exists to forbid it, any Nevada driver at a red light can make a right turn from the extreme right lane after first coming to a true full stop.
  • Left on red. This less-common provision permits the driver to make a left turn on red when it is safe to do so. In this case, however, there is an important caveat: For such a move to be legal, both of the streets involved in the turn must clearly be marked one-way.
  • Any direction on yellow. In most locations, the yellow light serves as nothing more than a warning of the red light soon to follow. If by the time the light has changed your car is already inside the intersection, you will not have broken any laws.

Penalties for Running a Red Light

Since running a red light counts as a moving violation, the consequences can be severe. When Nevada finds you guilty of this infraction, it will:

  • Impose a fine of up to $1,000.
  • Add four points to your driving record.
  • Report your violation to its driver licensing division.
  • Transmit the information to your home state’s motor vehicle department.

It could get even worse. Your car insurance premiums will likely rise, and the additional points on your license could trigger its suspension.

How to Fight Your Red Light Ticket

Your red light citation may not be entirely your fault. Local governments are responsible for locating all red light devices in easily visible locations and for keeping them in proper working order. If the one at which you received your ticket has failed to meet these requirements, you may have a legitimate case.

Possible defenses also exist when:

  • An inadequate parking spot with a poor point of view has given the ticketing officer the erroneous impression that you entered the intersection after the light had changed when in actuality the opposite is true. A photograph taken from that spot might help to prove your side of the story.
  • An overhanging branch or other obstruction blocked your view of the traffic light. Even the presence of an oversized vehicle might conceal its location. Here again, the camera is your friend.
  • The red light is new to that location. Although ignorance is rarely an excuse, it’s hard to willfully disobey an apparatus that until yesterday never existed. If the one that caught you off your guard was not there the last time you drove through, you might have a good defense.
  • You were unable to see the limit line or crosswalk. When bad weather conditions or maintenance neglect have rendered these on-road markers invisible, stopping where you know you should can be difficult if not impossible.

When you challenge your red light citation, circumstances such as these can easily stand in your favor.

Let Vegas Ticket Wizard Fight Your Red Light Ticket

Although it may seem the easy way out, paying your fine without a fight is never a good idea. It’s the same as pleading guilty, and since running a red light will always count as a moving violation, a conviction on this charge could cause you to lose your driving privileges.

At Vegas Ticket Wizard, we understand the effect that a guilty conviction can have on your life. We will therefore make every effort to have your citation reduced to a non-moving violation or, if possible, get it dismissed entirely. We will even appear in court for you if needed.

Why fight your red light ticket on your own when Vegas Ticket Wizard can do it better? Call 702-202-0500 and talk to the pros today.