Careless Driving Tickets

It’s impossible to drive anywhere in Las Vegas these days without observing cringeworthy behavior on the part of at least one other motorist. There may even have been a time or two when that mindless driver was you. If so, one thing is for certain: When you’re stopped for careless driving, you may be glad it happened in Nevada.

What is Careless Driving?

Careless Driving TicketIn Nevada, numerous actions behind the wheel can result in a careless driving citation. Some of the more common include:

  • Exceeding the speed limit.
  • Drifting and weaving.
  • Failing to signal turns and lane changes.
  • Leaning on the horn.
  • Disregarding traffic signs or signals.
  • Eating or drinking when you should be steering.
  • Catching some Z’s behind the wheel.

You may think of these deeds as synonymous with reckless driving, and in most localities, you’d be right. The majority of states do lump the two types of offense together. Nevada is one of a handful with the wisdom to treat them separately.

Although both careless and reckless driving do share some commonalities, one thing in particular sets them apart. It’s the concept of wanton disregard. While careless driving is normally unplanned and unintended, reckless driving is always deliberate in nature. It’s the difference between failing to see a traffic signal and running a red light on purpose.

Penalties for Careless Driving

Despite their often accidental quality, careless driving infractions still take place while the car is in motion. That makes them misdemeanors for which the penalties will vary according to the facts of the case. A conviction for careless driving will likely reward you with one or more of the following:

  • Six demerit points on your license.
  • Six hundred hours of community service.
  • A fine of as much as $2,000.
  • A possible six-month jail sentence.

If your actions have resulted in serious property damage or bodily harm, the penalties will be that much higher.

Should You Fight the Charges or Pay the Fine?

Although careless driving is a moving violation, Nevada does not consider it to be felonious. For this reason, some people, vacationers in particular, prefer to deal with the situation by just confessing, paying the fine and getting out of Vegas.

This is rarely a good idea. Regardless of how attractive the option may seem, a plea of guilty to any sort of moving violation can have repercussions that linger long after the money for the fine has left your wallet.

For one thing, the conviction will almost always result in higher insurance rates while the attendant addition of points to your license could trigger its suspension or complete revocation. Furthermore, if you’re visiting Nevada from a state that adheres to the conventions of the Driver’s License Compact, Nevada will see to it that your violation follows you home.

The best way to deal with a careless driving citation is often to fight it, and that’s where Vegas Ticket Wizard comes in.

How Vegas Ticket Wizard Can Help

The seriousness of your careless driving charge stems from the fact that when you committed the infraction, your car was far from standing still. To ensure that you neither lose your license nor burden it with additional points, Vegas Ticket Wizard will fight to get your citation either dismissed or lowered to a non-moving offense. You won’t even have to appear in court. We will do that for you while you go about the business of living your life.

Our many satisfied clients agree: When it comes to careless driving infractions, Vegas Ticket Wizard is just the ticket for getting them handled in the most efficient way. Just call us at 702-202-0500 or forward your traffic ticket to us online. You’ll be glad you did.